COVID19 VIOLENCE INDIA The fight to survive is now from hospital to home]

COVID19 VIOLENCE INDIA The fight to survive is now from hospital to home]

In the capital of India, Delhi and many other cities in India, there are no more beds in the hospital. Even though there are vacancies, many hospital patients are not taking patients because of lack of oxygen.

COVID19 VIOLENCE INDIA: The Fight For Survival Is Now From Hospital To Home
As a result, the family members are trying to save the seriously ill patients at home with as much treatment as possible!

Thousands of people have to go to the black market to save their lives. The price of emergency medicine and oxygen cylinders is much higher than the best price.

All such drugs are being sold secretly in the name of covid 19 treatment! There are thousands of questions about whether they are real or fake and whether they should be used at all.
{Anshu Priya} No hospital in Delhi or suburbs has found a place for her father-in-law suffering from Kovid 19. The father-in-law’s condition is getting worse, but he failed to turn around all day in search of a cylinder of oxygen.

As a result, he was forced to buy a cylinder of oxygen from the black market for Rs 50,000 for his father-in-law. The price of this cylinder at normal time is 6 thousand rupees.
Her mother also started having shortness of breath. But Anshu Priya knows that it is impossible for her to buy another cylinder from the black market at such a high price.


Not just Delhi or Noida – Lucknow. Allahabad. Indore. Or many such cities now have this same situation. Unable to find a place in the hospital, people are trying to survive inside the house because he has to survive.
But most of the people in India cannot afford to buy drugs or oxygen from the black market!

A lot of news and pictures have come out that many patients have died at the gates or stairs of the underworld because they could not buy medicine or oxygen from the black market!

COVID19 VIOLENCE INDIA The fight to survive is now from hospital to home]

Several oxygen cylinder sellers call and they say the price is up to ten times the normal price.

The situation in Delhi in particular is dire. There is no ICU bed in a hospital in the city. Many well-to-do families are currently trying to keep their loved ones breathing by keeping nurses at home with a lot of money and doctors.

Blood tests, X-rays or CT scans are now extremely difficult. Unusual pressure on the labs, so it takes a few days to get the report. It takes a few days to get time for CT scan. As a result, it is becoming difficult for doctors to understand the condition of the patient

Doctors say: The patient’s life is in danger due to the delay in various emergency tests, even the corona test (RT-PCR) takes a few days.

I know of some covid 19 patients who could not be admitted to the hospital because they did not have a covid 19 positive test report.

Anuj Tiwari, a resident of Delhi, said a nurse had gathered at his house after he refused to admit his brother to a hospital and he could run out of oxygen at any time.

Many hospitals are saying that they do not have any empty beds in the hospital. .. Again many hospitals are not taking patients because there is no oxygen. In the last few days,  covid 19 patients have died in Delhi due to lack of oxygen alone.

Many hospitals are sending S&S notices for oxygen every day. Oxygen tankers may be being sent by the government after such a message, but it will be over within a day.


A doctor in Delhi says hospitals are running like this now, and “there is a real fear that a major tragedy could happen at any time.

The fight is now at home in India

Seeing the situation in the hospitals, Anuj Tiwari bought a machine with a lot of money to save his brother – which can absorb oxygen from the air.