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design.dhakajobs24 is a Tips and news Related Bengali website. We publish all kind of news that you needed. You can get here Primary Preparation Tips, Bcs preparation Tips, All jobs preparation Tips, Education Tips, Love tips, Health Tips, Krishi Tips, SEO Tips, Technology Tips and more.

About Me:

Beautiful people know my name is Toufiq, I am 25 years old, I have lived in Dhaka Bangladesh since I graduated from FSC, I graduated from FSCs and Cadets Collage, now a software engineer at Charred University of Peshawar which is a good school in Bangladesh.


I am a good worker and I have a good communication channel called Ali Yousafzai. I started my online business in 2015. When I looked at a Facebook post about making money online, what inspired me was that it is easy to make money online in Bangladesh, but to no avail. Many times. My intentions also failed, but I didn’t stop going where I wanted to go.

I succeeded and I am making good money online someday so you can make good money starting a good online business from now on.