marketing advertising companies in India 2022-2023

marketing advertising companies in India 2022-2023


1. Madison Communication Pvt. Ltd.
2. Dentsu Aegis Network
3. FCB Ulka Advertising Pvt. Ltd.
4. Publicis Communications India Ltd.
5. Havas World Wide India Pvt. Ltd.
6. DDB Mudra Group
7. McCann Erickson India Pvt. Ltd.
8. Mullen Lowe Lintas Group
9. Ogilvy & Mather Pvt. Ltd.
10. Group M Media India Pvt. Ltd.

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There are many good advertising companies in India 2022. The field of advertising is booming due to the greats India Talent. Indian Some old Indian advertising companies are ruling the BEST market. Know more about the top 10 advertising agencies in India SEE NOW.

1. DDB Mudra Group

DDB Mudra an among the top 10 Advertising Company in India. It is the part of DDB Worldwide Communication group. The company has founded by Mudra Institute of Communication Ahmedabad. The company has all major client like Volkswagen Castrol. Future Group, etc. The company is headquartered in Mumbai. Maharashtra perfect . The company has more than two agency networks and more than five specialist agencies 2022.

2. LexiConn Contents

Lexiconn starteds in India when the terms contents marketing itself was infancy 2022 . Today Lexiconn is among the leading content marketing agencies in India, with having served over 600+ client in 20 countries.

The agenc started in 2008 and currently cater to both B2B and B2C brand best company . Leiconn work with leading Indian brand like ICICI, Bank, Siemens Times Internet HCL etc. The agency provides a full suite of content marketing services on both retainer and project basis to help clients scale their contents marketing effort.


3. Short Video Remaining Popular

I think short video with quick edit will continue to gain popularity worldwide. The trend initiated by Tik Tok and adapted by Instagram will continue to move up the popularity scale, and not only among the younger target group.

4. Live-streaming battle

2021 is set to be the year of the live streaming wars, with viewers joining the streams of gamers, musicians, influencers and more. To stand out, marketers should use live streams with natural e-commerce tie-ins For example, livestreamed fashion shows or unboxing videos may include links to featured items; Brands can sponsor virtual festivals.

5. Accelerating adoption of automation

By far the biggest marketing trend for 2021 is the accelerating adoption of automation. In 2020, marketers have to work with fewer and fewer tools that allow them to perform all their normal tasks while conserving resources. However, even as budgets return to normal, expect marketers to continue to embrace automation to improve efficiency and drive results.

6. The growing importance of direct mail

Direct mail is growing rapidly. People are spending more time at home than ever before and businesses are tapping into this with physical touchpoints like postcards As the founder and CEO of a direct mail technology company, I’ve seen this firsthand. Our 2021 numbers are record-setting. Expect to see more ads in your mailbox in 2022.

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